Understand Website Design Concepts Assignment

Qualification - BTEC Higher National Diploma in Computing and Systems Development

Unit number and title - Unit 14 Website Design

Assignment title - Investigate and produce design of an e-commerce site

Assessment Criteria

AC 1.1 Understand website design concepts

AC 1.2 Be able to design interactive websites

Assignment Scenario
The Internet is perhaps the most important IT development of the last few decades; it provides new ways to communicate, share information and has also revolutionised the way people do business. Businesses can now take part in a global marketplace, widening their scope for potential customers, all from a local base and with relatively low start-up costs. One of the most popular ways users communicate on the Internet is by publishing and interacting with web pages.

The number of websites on the world wide web has increased dramatically and competition is very fierce. This means that designers must employ increasingly sophisticated techniques to capture interest, as well as ensuring that an appropriate company image is presented. Your company provides E-Commerce solutions to businesses which include Colleges, Banks, Super-Markets, Charities, Government Departments, etc.

Your task is to produce an E-commerce website/solution suitable for any other type of business organisation. This means the site should help the organisation to provide Internet services, collect and/or provide relevant information stored in a database to their customers online.

Your report must be based on the guidelines described below and tasks given and described to meet the assessment requirements of Unit 14 given below.

Task 1
You are required to write a report demonstrating a thorough understanding of some key concepts in web design by explaining important factors to be considered in developing a website design, examining structural features and current regulations impacting on web design.

Examine web design concepts and present your findings in detail in a document covering these in the following main areas:

The purpose of a site, its likely users, their needs and requirements
The site's structure, design, functionality, browser considerations, hosting and maintenance
Legal considerations and general good practice
This is designed to provide an opportunity for you to meet (P1.1)

Task 2
Create sample designs for a client's website to meet the requirements of a brief (provided separately). Submit your designs to the client and a sample of potential users who will provide feedback on them.
Describe in a design report

The purpose of the site, its likely users, their needs and requirements
How your proposals are intended to meet these
Feedback from the client and potential users
The structure of the website, page layout and navigation
How you have included interactive features, including a contact or enquiry form and facility to purchase products on-line
How you have utilised html, CSS, javascript and any other languages in implementation (P2.1)
An evaluation of your designs - compare your site with an existing commercial website on the Internet.







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