Unit 7 Sustainable Tourism London Olympiad - level 5 in business

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Unit Name: Unit 7 Sustainable Tourism London Olympiad

Level: level 5 in business

Task 2- Analyse the development of tourism at different levels using London Olympiad

2.1 Analyse features of tourism development planning at different levels for London Olympiad

2.2 Evaluate the significance of interactive planning systems and processes in tourism developments for London Olympiad of

2.3 Evaluate different methods available to measure tourist impact with reference to Olympiad

Task 3

3.1 Justify the introduction of the concept of sustainability in tourism development with reference to London Olympiad

3.2 Analyse factors that may prevent/hinder sustainable tourism development for London Olympiad

3.3 Analyse different stages in planning for sustainability

Task 4

4.1 Evaluate methods of resolving a conflict of interests to ensure the future wellbeing of a developing tourism destination with reference to the above scenario

4.2 Analyse the implications of balancing supply and demand

4.3 Evaluate the moral and ethical issues of enclave tourism

Task 5

5.1 Compare current issues associated with tourism development in a developing country and an emerging destination where the impacts of tourism are different for your chosen destination

5.2 Evaluate, with recommendations, the future development of tourism in these chosen destinations

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