Unit 7 Business Strategic Planning - level 5 in business

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Unit Name: Unit 7 Business Strategic Planning

Level: level 5 in business


a) Discuss the steps of the Strategic Planning Process. In this discussion, you should include definitions and examples for corporate vision, mission and objectives along with brief descriptions of the concepts of ‘core competencies' and ‘competitive advantage.

b) Role of strategy and issues involved in Strategic Planning

c) Discuss in details, the utility and application of either the BCG matrix (Boston Consulting Group) as a growth planning technique OR the SPACE matrix as a strategic positioning technique for managers

Task 2

a) Explain to the interns how the ANSOFF Matrix OR the SWOT Analysis has helped you to carry out an organizational audit for one of your client companies

b) Discuss with the interns, how your firm would carry out an environmental audit for one of your clients by either utilizing the PORTER Five Forces OR the PESTEL framework

c) Explain to the interns the significance of stakeholder analysis, that is usually carried out for your client companies by mapping stakeholders using the MENDELOW Matrix

Task 3

a) Explain the differences between Vertical Integration AND Horizontal integration when used by managers as a substantive growth strategies. Provide a detailed explanation, with one company example for each strategy and also highlight four major differences when comparing Vertical and Horizontal integration growth strategies.

Differences between Vertical and Horizontal growth strategies:

Task 4

a) Discuss three roles and responsibilities, and three business activities that are necessary for proper implementation of the selected strategy. Additionally highlight which human, financial and material resources are indispensable during strategy implementation.

b) For the selected strategy in Task 3 b, produce a Gantt chart as a proposed timeline for agreed strategy targets and milestones

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