Unit 6 Business Decision Making

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Unit 6 Business Decision Making


1.1 Create a plan in the form of a table for the collection of primary and secondary data to help Brit College achieve its goals?

1.2 Present the survey methodology and sampling frame used

1.3 Design a questionnaire for a survey


2.1 Construct a graph showing the relationship between satisfaction (X) and achievement grades (Y).

2.2 Analyze the results from 2.1 to draw valid conclusions concerning the relationship between student satisfaction and achievement, in not more than two paragraphs?

2.3 Analyze the data in Table 1 using measures of dispersion (standard deviation and variance) to inform a given business scenario

2.4 Explain how quartiles, percentiles and the correlation coefficient are used to draw useful conclusions in business context?


3.1 Using the information provided in Table 1, produce graphs (Line and bar charts) using spreadsheets for the two given variables (X, Y) and draw valid conclusions

3.2 Create trend lines in the graphs to assist in forecasting students' achievement grades (Scatter (XY) graphs and linear trend lines

3.3 Power point presentation

3.4 Business report


4.1 Information processing tools to explain how it is used to support decision making processes in Brit College?

4.2 Prepare a project plan to undertake this task and determine the critical path?

4.3 Uses of financial tool for decision making.

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