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Assessment - Play journal (2,100 words)

You will be expected to play one game in the weeks between classes and write 300 words on the game. Each game should correspond to the theme of the week. For example, week 4 covers the game noir genre and so you need to play a game which can be said to belong to the noir genre. I have made game suggestions for each week, but if you cannot access the game due to cost/platform/availability in the lab, then you may choose another game to play- so long as it can be said to be of that week's genre!

Each journal entry should begin with the number of the week, the topic of the week and the name of the game centered at the top. For example:

Week 4

Game Noir

L.A. Noire

Each entry should cover one game and in 300 words answer the following questions:

1. How was the game played? In what setting? What platform? For how long?

2. What aesthetic aspects of the game make it fit this week's genre?

3. What narrative aspects of the game make it fit this week's genre?

4. What gameplay elements or mechanics make it fit this week's genre?

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The FM2614 Game Genre Assignment is a challenging but rewarding task. In this assignment, you will be asked to identify and describe the genre of a video game. This requires a deep understanding of the different elements that make up a game genre, such as gameplay mechanics, art style, and setting.

To begin, it is important to research the different types of game genres. There are many different ways to classify games, but some of the most common genres include:

Action: Games in this genre focus on fast-paced, physical combat. Examples include first-person shooters, third-person shooters, and fighting games.
Adventure: Games in this genre typically feature a protagonist who must explore a world and solve puzzles in order to progress. Examples include point-and-click adventure games, action-adventure games, and role-playing games.
Strategy: Games in this genre require players to think strategically in order to defeat their opponents. Examples include turn-based strategy games, real-time strategy games, and grand strategy games.
Simulation: Games in this genre attempt to simulate real-world activities or systems. Examples include flight simulators, racing simulators, and city-building simulators.
Sports: Games in this genre allow players to compete in virtual versions of real-world sports. Examples include football games, basketball games, and soccer games.

Once you have a good understanding of the different game genres, you can begin to identify and describe the genre of your chosen game. To do this, consider the following factors:

Gameplay mechanics: How does the player interact with the game? What are the game's core objectives?
Art style: What is the overall look and feel of the game? What kind of visual aesthetic does it use?
Setting: Where and when does the game take place? What kind of world does it create?

Once you have considered these factors, you should be able to identify the genre of your chosen game and describe it in detail. In your assignment, you should be sure to explain why the game belongs to the genre that you have identified. You should also discuss any unique elements that the game brings to the genre.

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