Unit 21 HRM Posh Nosh Limited - level 4

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Diploma in Business - Unit 21 Human Resource Management - level 4

HRM Posh Nosh Limited

Task 1:

In the above scenario of a small organization, highlight the difference in applying personnel management and human resource management. In your opinion, which would be a better approach and why? (AC 1.1)

Assess the function of the human resource management in contributing to organisational purposes. (AC 1.2)

Considering your client's business size and industry norms, evaluate the roles and responsibilities the line managers in HRM? (AC 1.3)

Analyse the impact of the legal and regulatory framework on Human resources management for the chosen scenario (AC 1.4)

Task 2:

In your report to the CEO, analyse the reasons for HR planning and its importance to the business. (AC2.1)

Outline the stages involved in planning the human resource requirements (AC 2.2)

Compare the recruitment and selection process of Posh Nosh Limited to that of an organisation in the public sector. You may select an organisation of your choice for this comparison. (AC 2.3)

Taking both organisations into account as chosen above, evaluate the effectiveness of the recruitment and selection techniques of each. (AC 2.4)

Task 3:

Assess the link between motivational theory and reward systems. You should provide pragmatic recommendations to improve workforce motivation in Posh Nosh Limited. (AC 3.1)

In your role as an HR manager you must evaluate the key elements involved in the job evaluation process and other factors which determine pay. (AC3.2)

Assess the effectiveness of reward systems in different contexts for Posh Nosh Limited (AC 3.3)

Suggest suitable ways in which Posh Nosh can examine various methods that can be used to monitor employee performance. (AC 3.4)

Task 4:

Identify the circumstances under which employees are most likely to cease employment with special reference to Posh Nosh. What can such organisations do to reduce employee turnover? (AC 4.1)

How might employee exits differ from one organization to another? Describe the employment exit procedures used by the two organisations - Posh Nosh and the organisation you used in AC2.2. Comment on the usefulness of exit interviews. (AC 4.2)

How does the regulatory and legal framework have an impact on employee cessation arrangements? What steps would you recommend, in the case of like redundancy or dismissal, so that the steps are compliant with the law? (AC 4.3)

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