Unit 11 Research Project - Level 4

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Unit 11 Research Project - Level 4 (Diploma in Business)

Literature Review: Need of operational framework in organization

Research Specification

Deductive approach

Inductive approach

Research Approaches

Qualitative approach

Quantitative approach:

Preliminary results

1. Discuss the possibilities of efficiency enhancement with great managers in organization?

2. Analyze the factors of employee motivation and dissatisfaction working with the great or experienced managers?

3. Evaluate the goals and aims achievement of organization with the active and great managers?

Results and Discussion

Table 1. Working under experienced manager is always been a fun?

Table 2. Great manager leads to great quality?

Table 3. Atmosphere provided by the great managers involves efficiency and effectiveness?

Table 4. Do the tough time is easily accessible under professional demeanours?

Table 5. The pay outs to the experienced managers will be slightly higher side as compare to the lower level teams?

Table 6. Managers make the quality and organizations dynamic and dimensional?

Table 7. Managers are definitely needed to monitor, control and guidance?

Table 8. Supporting managers are the best guide to career and life?

Table 9. Participative management involvement makes employee happy and satisfied?

Table 10. It will be dishonesty if a manager having extra credentials are not paid well?

Limitation of the Research

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