Marketing planning in the strategic planning process

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Unit 2 Marketing Essentials - TESCO

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Task 1

Question 1 Explain the changing perspectives in marketing planning in an organization in UK

Question 2 Evaluate your selected organization's capability for planning its future marketing activity

Question 3 Provide techniques for organizational auditing and for analyzing external factors that affect marketing planning

Question 4 Carry out an organizational audit for your selected organization and provide an analysis of external factors that affect marketing planning under current issues

Question 1 Assess the main barriers to marketing planning in your organization

Question 2 Examine how your business, and another similar organization related to your industry, may overcome barriers to marketing planning

Task 2

Question 1 Introduce a new product or service for a selected market

Question 2 Importance of marketing planning in the strategic planning process for your newly suggested product or service in your new market

Question 3 Identify and explain techniques for the new product or service development in your market

Question 4 Justify recommendations for the pricing policy, and the distribution and communication mix for your product

Question 5 Explain how factors affecting the effective implementation of the marketing plan have been taken into account

Question 1 & 2 Explain how ethical issues influence the marketing planning for your proposed business idea

Question 3 Analyze examples of consumer ethics and the effect it has on marketing planning in your product idea

Unit 2 Marketing Essentials Assignment Help, Level 4 Diploma In Business provides students with an understanding of the fundamental principles of marketing and how they can be applied to real-world business situations. This unit covers topics such as the marketing mix, market segmentation, market research, and marketing strategy. Students will also learn how to develop and implement a marketing plan.

This unit is important for business students to understand as it can help them to develop successful marketing strategies for their businesses. By understanding the fundamental principles of marketing, students can create marketing campaigns that are targeted to their target audience and that achieve their desired results.

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