Provide an appropriate plan and procedures

Unit 8 Research Project on Social Media Assignment Help - Unit 8 Research Project on Social Media - level 5 Diploma in Business
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Diploma in Business - Unit 8 Research Project on Social Media - level 5

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Task 1:

Question 1.1 Outline of Research project

Question 1.2 Selection of Research Project

Question 1.4 Specification of Research

Question 1.4.1 Research methodology

Question 1.4.2 Sampling Strategy of the Research

Question 1.5 Provide an appropriate plan and procedures for the agreed research specification

Task 2:

Question 2.1 Match resources efficiently to the research question or hypothesis

Question 2.2 Undertake the proposed research investigation in accordance with the agreed specification and procedures

Question 2.3 Record and collate relevant data where appropriate

Task 3:

Question 3.1 Use appropriate research evaluation techniques

Question 3.2 Interpret and analyse the results in terms of the original research specification

Question 3.3 Recommendations and justification areas in order to further consideration

Task 4:


Research Objectives


Literature Review

Primary Research

Unit 8 Research Project on Social Media is a level 5 Diploma in Business module that requires students to conduct a research project on the use of social media in business. The project should explore the different ways in which social media can be used to promote products and services, interact with customers, and build brand awareness.

The project should be based on a sound research methodology and should use a variety of sources, such as academic journals, industry reports, and case studies. The project should also be well-written and should demonstrate the student's ability to critically analyze the research findings.

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