What are the selection techniques you would suggest

Unit 14 Working With and Leading People Aviation Assignment Help - Unit 14 Working With and Leading People Aviation - Level 5 (Diploma in Business)
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Unit 14 Working With and Leading People Aviation - Level 5 (Diploma in Business)

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Task 1

Question 1 Answer to include: the preparation of job analysis, job description, person specifications

Question 2 Assess the impact of legal, regulatory and ethical considerations that are needed to be considered for the recruitment and selection process for the airline

Question 3 What are the selection techniques you would suggest that are best suited to recruit the ideal candidate

Question 4 How have you contributed to the selection process to make it more effective?

Task 3

Question 1 Assess the benefits of team working in the airline and the team should be the cabin crew consisting of at least six members

Question 2 Demonstrate working in a cabin crew team as a leader and member towards specific goals, dealing with any conflict or difficult situations that you may have faced of recent

Question 3 As a leader of the cabin crew review the effectiveness your team has achieved in their recent goal of increasing customer satisfaction

Task 4

Question 1 What factors will you need to consider in planning and monitoring and assessment of work performance for the cabin crew

Question 2 How can you plan and deliver the assessment to ensure needs of the cabin crew is developed.

Question 3 What methods can you suggest that the airline should use to evaluate the success of the assessment process

Unit 14 of the Level 5 Diploma in Business focuses on the importance of working with and leading people in the aviation industry. This unit covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • The different types of leadership styles
  • How to motivate and engage employees
  • How to build and manage teams
  • How to create a positive work environment
  • How to deal with conflict and difficult situations

The assignment for this unit typically requires students to apply the concepts they have learned to a real-world business scenario. For example, students may be asked to develop a leadership training program for new aviation managers, or to identify and recommend ways to improve the employee engagement levels at an airline.

To complete the assignment successfully, students need to demonstrate a good understanding of the following key topics:

  • Leadership theories and practices
  • Motivation and engagement
  • Teamwork and team building
  • Organizational culture
  • Conflict management
  • Performance management

Students should also be able to apply their knowledge to a specific business scenario and make sound recommendations based on their analysis.

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