Unit 12 Organisational Behaviour - level 4 in business

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Unit Name: Unit 12 Organisational Behaviour

Level: level 4 in business

Task 1
Compare and contrast the organizational structure and culture of Ford and Monsanto before and after reorganizations

Ford has an arrangement Analyse the relationship between each company's group-based structure and the culture that exists in that organisation. Make an assessment of the effects of these two influences on the performance of each company.

Factors that influence the way individuals behave in both Ford and Monsanto in the new team based structures.

Task 2

What leadership styles you identify as being used in Ford and in Monsanto before, and after, the change to team-based working.

Compare the effectiveness of the before and after styles paying attention to the different approaches of the two companies.

Compare and contrast the nature of managerial authority and the functions of management

Compare, contrast and evaluate the different approaches to management used by the three companies.

Task 3

What leadership style you identify as being used by the owners and explain why you think it is so successful in relation to the impact it has on staff motivation. What leadership styles will be likely in the circumstances described and discuss what effect it might have on motivation

Using Herzberg's theory of motivation and also Vroom's Expectancy Theory, compare the way that each of them is applied at OOC

Evaluate the usefulness of either Herzberg's theory of motivation or Vroom's Expectancy theory to managers in Ford, Monsanto and OCC.

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