Unit 44 Local Area Networking Technologies

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Unit 44 Local Area Networking Technologies


1.1 Evaluate various LAN technologies available in the market. Describe the technologies in relation with scenario.

1.2 What do you understand by quality of service (QoS) and bandwidth management? Evaluate and analyse with examples why do you think it is important to perform them Quality of Service (QoS)

1.3 Discusses LAN concerns and make recommendations to sustain network security, reliability and performance


2.1 Design network infrastructure to fulfill the requirement of above scenario, including the diagram of the network infrastructure, and all devices (i.e. Switches, routers, cables, etc.)

2.2 Critically evaluate the suitability of network components in your design in terms of Security, Scalability and Availability.


3.1 Draw a complete LAN design including servers, connecting devices, workstations, peripherals, etc. for the above scenario. Please include the configuration scripts in the appendix.

3.2 Prepare a list of IP addresses, subnet IDs, Broadcast IDs for each department, Justify your choice for chosen techniques (VLSM or others)


4.1 Create a performance baseline for the above company network and evaluate the designed LAN

4.2 One of the computers used in the library replaced, plan a step by step process to connect the new computer to the network and test connectivity effectively and efficiently?


 5. Use a network simulator to simulate the designed LAN

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