Mathematical skills for software engineers

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LO1: Understand core mathematical skills for software engineers

A1) Solve the following linear and quadratic equations:
(i) 2(3 - 5x) = 15
(ii) x2 + x -20 = 0

(i) y=2x; y=-2x+1
(ii) y = 5x + 1; y =-5x + 1

A4) Using Pythagoras' theorem, proof that triangle ?ABC (9:12:15) is a right-angled triangle

Using an appropriate Excel function, demonstrate on a spreadsheet that ?ABC is a right-angled triangle.

A5) Two robots, Alice and Bob are pulling a box as shown on the figure:

LO2: Understand the application of algebraic concepts

B1) A certain British company has three departments. Following sets are showing departments, surnames and annual salaries of employees of this company:

B2) A small ICT firm, has three branches in

B3. Create a magic square by identifying values of p, q, r, s, t, u, x, y, z in matrix A-

LO3: Be able to apply the fundamentals of formal methods

C1. Suppose that two sets are A and B, defined by
C2. Suppose we have a universal set
C3. For all of the following sets defined in set-theoretic notation, list out all of the elements:
C4. For the circuit shown below, construct a truth table for each intermediate function. Hence, find the output function X.
C5. Suppose that a salesman has 4 differently-located customers.
Find the number of different ways that the salesman can leave home, visit two different customers and then return home.
(b)Write a pseudo code for calculating the answer for the previous section.

LO4: Be able to apply statistical techniques to analyse data

D1. A research in 157 households found that the number of children per household is
D2. A company has ten sales territories with approximately the same number of sales people working in each territory. Last month the sales orders achieved were as follows:
D3. Identify a topic in one of the following areas and conduct a research on its application in software development.

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