Unit 17 Work-based Experience

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Unit Name: Unit 17 Work-based Experience

LO1 Be able to negotiate industry experience
P1.1 Research and evaluate suitable organizations that could provide industry experience
P1.2 Negotiate with work and academic supervisors a proposal for the work experience
P1.3 Recognize the business constraints of the work experience offered

LO2 Understand the specific requirements of the placement.
P2.1 Agree and priorities the tasks and responsibilities involved in the work experience
P2.2 Produce a plan for the work experience
P2.3 Analyze the benefits of the proposed activities to the business and the learner

LO3 Be able to undertake work experience as identified
P3.1 Fulfil specified requirements of placement conforming to all related codes of practice
P3.2 Produces systematic records work undertaken
P3.3 Revise the initial plan as required
P3.4 Make suggestions for improvement and review these with appropriate supervisor

LO4 Be able to monitor and evaluate own performance and learning
P4.1 Monitor progress against original proposal
P4.2 Evaluate the quality of own performance
P4.3 Analyze the learning which has taken place during the work experience using suitable reflections
P4.4 Make recommendations on how the experience could have been enhanced

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