Factors which influence individual behaviour in CAPCO

Unit 3 Organization and Behaviour - CAPCO Ltd Assignment Help - Unit 3 Organization and Behaviour - CAPCO Ltd - Level 5 (Diploma in Business)
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Unit 3 Organization and Behaviour - CAPCO Ltd - Level 5 (Diploma in Business)

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Introduction: The unit 3 organization and behaviour assignment CAPCO Ltd has a main focus on the behaviour of individuals in the organizations. The project is based on the case study of CAPCO which is a consultancy firm which provides consultancy in IT, management and technology.

Task 1

Question 1 Compare and contrast CAPCO's structure and culture with another organisation of your choice. Show the differences and similarities in these two organisations.

Question 2 Explain how the relationship between CAPCO's structure and culture can impact on the performance of its operations.

Question 3 Discuss the factors which influence individual behaviour in CAPCO or in any organisation of your choice.

Task 2

Question 1 Compare the effectiveness of the different leaderships at CAPCO and any other organisation of your choice

Question 2 Explain how organizational theories (e.g. scientific management and human relations theory) have had influence on the practice of management

Question 3 Evaluate the different approaches to management used by CAPCO and your chosen organisation

Task 3

Question 1 Discuss the impact that different leadership styles may have on motivation within period of change

Question 2 Compare the application of two motivational theories (e.g. Maslow's & Herzberg theories) within organizational setting

Question 3 Explain the necessity of managers to understand and apply motivation theories within the workplace

Task 4

Question 1 Explain the nature of groups and group behaviour within CAPCO or your chosen organisation.

Question 2 Discuss factors that may promote or inhibit the development of effective teamwork within CAPCO or your chosen organisation

Question 3 Evaluate the impact of technology on team functioning within CAPCO or your chosen organisation

Unit 3: Unraveling CAPCO's Organizational Behaviour (Level 5 Diploma)

Feeling lost in the labyrinth of CAPCO's organizational behaviour for your Level 5 Diploma assignment? Let's navigate its complexities and guide you towards a stellar analysis!

Focus on:

  • Evolution and Impact: Trace the evolution of CAPCO's organizational structure and culture over time. Analyze how these changes impacted employee behaviour, communication, and overall performance.
  • Leadership Landscape: Explore the leadership landscape at CAPCO. Identify dominant leadership styles across different levels and departments. Evaluate their effectiveness in driving innovation, managing change, and fostering collaboration.
  • Motivation Beyond Metrics: Go beyond traditional performance-based motivation strategies. Analyze how CAPCO utilizes intrinsic motivators like autonomy, purpose, and recognition to enhance employee engagement and productivity.
  • Global Dynamics: With CAPCO's global reach, explore the challenges and opportunities of managing a diverse workforce. Analyze how they navigate cultural differences, promote inclusion, and build a cohesive organizational identity.


  • Critical Thinking Lens: Don't simply describe; critically analyze the effectiveness and potential drawbacks of CAPCO's approaches.
  • Comparative Insights: Compare and contrast CAPCO's organizational behaviour with similar companies in the consulting or technology sector. Highlight best practices and areas for improvement.
  • Evidence and Research: Base your analysis on credible sources like CAPCO's official documents, industry reports, and academic research on organizational behaviour.

By delving into these key areas, you can transform your CAPCO assignment from a basic overview into a nuanced analysis that showcases your critical thinking skills, understanding of organizational behaviour principles, and ability to apply them to a real-world case.

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