Unit 16 Managing Communications Knowledge and Information - Level 4

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Unit 16 Managing Communications Knowledge and Information

Level 4

Report -1

1.1 A discussion of the different decisions to be made and an examination of the information and knowledge required to make the decisions in relation to starting up a business.

1.2 List of internal and external sources of information and understanding. Assess these sources and justify their suitability and reliability in relation to the business start up.

1.3 Recommend any improvements in the methods used in the selection and analysis of information needed for business start ups.

1.4 A list of stakeholders for the decision making process in relation to starting up above mentioned business.

1.5 A selection of professionals and other stakeholders you should make contact with and ways to make contact with these individuals. Which methods you would use to develop a business relationship with these selected individuals.

1.6 A plan to involve the identified people in the decision making process.

1.7 Strategy for future improvements in this process.

Report – 2

2.1 Identify the existing processes of communication in the given case study and explain the different communication processes available to a small voluntary organisation.

2.2 Explain how the voluntary organisation cited in the case study can improve appropriate communication and how they can ensure integration of systems of communication.

2.3 Identify and recommend improvements to the organisation’s existing approaches to collection, formatting, storage and dissemination of information and knowledge.

2.4 Recommend and explain methods by which this organisation can improve its access to systems of information and knowledge.

2.5 If you are given the opportunity work as the volunteer supervisor in this case study, explain, using a personal plan how you would improve your own communication skills.

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