Identify four short term objectives of the functions

Unit 15 Managing Business Activities to Achieve Results Assignment Help - Unit 15 Managing Business Activities to Achieve Results - level 4 Diploma In Business
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Diploma In Business - Unit 15 Managing Business Activities to Achieve Results - level

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Task 1: Business Report

Understand the importance of business processes in delivering outcomes based upon business goals and objectives.

Question 1 Provide a short profile of the nursery and identify and explain the different functions.

Question 2 Identify four short term objectives of the functions.

Question 3 Choose two processes used at the nursery. Map the first one using the Systems Analysis process mapping technique. Map the second one using the mapping technique of the Intel Case. Which of the two techniques do you consider more suitable for the nursery? Justify your choice.

Task 2: Business Memo

Develop plans for own area of responsibility to implement operational plans.

Question 1 Explain the need for planning process and how it could provide a structured approach to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Question 2 Include a Gantt chart highlight key steps

Question 3 Explain how potential limiting factors and scarce resources might impact upon achieving the output of the Gantt chart.

Task 4: Policy and Procedure

Manage health and safety in the workplace.

Question 1 Highlight and briefly summarise key health and safety legislation affecting the nursery

Question 2 Develop a check list / audit of key risk factors that might affect the nursery

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