Unit 38 Business Event Management -Level 4

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Unit 38 Business Event Management

Level 4

LO1 Under this task a discussion would be carried out on the business event of the Product Launch and the agreed timescales for it. It will also involve the documentation, resources and the reviews that have to be done regard to improving the situations.

1.1 Carry out an identified event or project within an agreed timescale.

1.2 Write appropriate documentation.

Financial costing with respect to the budgets allocated for the product launch

Marketing plan or the event planner

Operational tasks, schedules and the responsibilities

Follow Up for signage, branding, advertising

Assigning of the Roles and responsibilities

Developing the market and the arrangements for the seminar or the road shows that have been planned

1.3 Organize resources to carry out the event or project.




1.4 Perform regular reviews and evaluations including the methods and resources.

LO 2

2.1 Set up the project, choose the completion date and allocate responsibilities.

2.2 Demonstrate leadership, effective time management and skills of prioritizing and delegating.

2.3 Support and monitor projects.

2.4 Take corrective actions if necessary to keep the project on schedule.

LO3 This section would discuss on the team development, assigning of the responsibilities, skill building, anger management, effective communication and successful implementation of the new product launch by these team members.

3.1 Choose the appropriately sized team with the knowledge and abilities required for the project.

3.2 Demonstrate team building skills and how to diffuse anger.

3.3 Show the importance of effective co-ordination and clear communication when liaising with the team.

3.4 Plan the actions and resources needed to achieve the success of the event or project.

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