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Open loop and closed loop speed contrast of a DC motor using the Arduino microcontroller and Labview.


The aim of this assignment is to investigate open loop and closed loop speed control of a small DC motor. For this course sis lab sessions of two hours are available. Throughout these sessions we will be using the motor rig, built by you, the Arduino Nano microcontroller and Labview.  The assessment will be a report based on the data and knowledge that you acquire over this period. Remember, the lab session are not a race to finish first, take your time to understand the system and make sure you take notes and save your results as you go.

The length of the final report should be no more than 7 sides of A4 and should include the following sections: Abstract, introduction, theory, result conclusion and references. The report should be formatted as a technical paper an example of which is on the course Moodle along with a template for the paper.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding of open loop control systems and how to extract the transfer function of a system by experimentation.
  • Understand the limitations of open loop control systems through investigation and reference to the course notes.
  • Understand the benefits of using closed loop control.
  • Understand the limitations of closed loop control.
  • Understand how to optimize the response of the system using PID control.
  • Understand what each component of the PID controller contributes to the response of the system.
  • Be able to tune the PID controller using Nichols Ziegler tuning methods.
  • Be able to relate the theory to the practice by investigation (steady state error, disturbance rejection etc).
  • Be able to use simulation tools in order to simulate the response of the system and design off-line control strategic.
  • Have a working knowledge of Labview and the Arduino programming environment.

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