Unit 4 Marketing Principles -Level 4

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Unit 4 Marketing Principles

Level 4

Task 1

1. Definition of Marketing

2. Elements of the marketing process applicable for UNILEVER PLC

3. How the selected brand is using the marketing concept in their marketing activities

4. Possible costs and benefits for pursuing a marketing orientation culture

Task 2

1. General description of macro and micro marketing environments and how these affect the marketing decisions of the selected brand

2. Segmentation Criteria

3. Targeting strategy

4. How buyer behaviour affects marketing activities in different buying situations

5. How products are positioned in the market

Task 3

1. A new product range that could be developed for a foreign market

2. Marketing mix for two different segments in consumer markets in the newly selected market

3. Distribution strategies

4. How prices are set to reflect an organisation’s objectives and market conditions in a newly selected market. Recommended pricing strategy for new product which will reflect the different market conditions

5. Promotional strategy

6. How the additional elements of the extended marketing mix can be used by Unilever PLC (UL) to enhance customer experience and improve customer service

7. Differences in marketing products to businesses (B2B) rather than consumers (B2C)

8.“Service” and the characteristics of service

9. How and why international marketing differs from domestic marketing

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