Understand different research methodologies

Unit 7 Research Skills Assignment Help - Unit 7 Research Skills - Level 4 Diploma in Computing System and Design
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Program: Diploma in Computing System and Design

Unit Name: Unit 7 Research Skills

Level: Level 4

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Task 1 Understand different research methodologies
Question 1 Assess different research methodologies with regard to the case study; online Shopping in the United Kingdom
Question 2 justify the use of a research methodology to be used for the research proposal
Question 3 discuss the importance of both qualitative and quantitative data in research.
Question 4 explain the problems that can arise when undertaking research

Task 2 Know how to conduct a literature review
Question 1 justify the use of research sources
Question 2 evaluate the importance of using primary information sources
Question 3 describe a recognised system for referencing

Task 3 Be able to present a research proposal

Question 1 present a research proposal to a defined audience utilising appropriate survey techniques
Research proposal

Question 2 Discuss the role of ethics in research

Unit 7 is a Level 4 Diploma in Computing System and Design module that focuses on the development of research skills. The assignment for this unit requires students to select a research question in the field of computing system and design and conduct a literature review. Students must also identify and evaluate primary and secondary sources of information. The assignment is designed to help students develop their skills in research question formulation, literature review, and information evaluation.

The assignment for Unit 7 is a valuable opportunity for students to develop their research skills and apply them to a real-world problem. The skills and knowledge gained from this assignment will be beneficial to students who are interested in pursuing a career in computing system and design.

Here are some additional tips for completing the Unit 7 Research Skills Assignment:

Start by brainstorming a list of potential research questions.

  • Narrow down your list to one question that you are most interested in researching.
  • Conduct a preliminary literature review to see what research has already been done on your topic.
  • Identify primary and secondary sources of information that will be relevant to your research.
  • Evaluate the information that you have gathered to ensure that it is reliable and accurate.
  • Write a research proposal that outlines your research question, methodology, and timeline.
  • Conduct your research and write your research report.
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