Impact of HRM on employee relations

Unit 20 Employee Relations Assignment Help - Unit 20 Employee Relations - Level 5 HND (Diploma in Business)
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Unit 20 Employee Relations - Level 5 HND (Diploma in Business)

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Lo 1 Employee relations against a changing background

Question 1 Pluralistic and unitary frame of reference

Question 2 Changes in trade unionism has affected employee relations

Question 3 Main players in employee relationships

Lo 2 Understand nature of industrial conflict and employee relations

Question 1 Procedures to be followed while dealing with conflict situations in organization

Question 2 Key features of employee relations in a selected conflict situation

Question 3 Evaluate effectiveness of a conflict resolution used in a conflict situation

Lo 3 Negotiation and collective bargaining

Question 1 Role of negotiation in collective bargaining

Question 2 Impact of negotiation strategy in a given situation

Lo 4 Employee participation and involvement

Question 1 Impact of EU on industrial democracy in UK

Question 2 Methods used to improve employee participation in decision making process

Question 3 Impact of HRM on employee relations

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