Prepare an evaluation using suitable techniques

Unit 23 Human Resource Development Assignment Help - Unit 23 Human Resource Development - level 5 BTEC HND in Business
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Program: BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business

Unit Name: Unit 23 Human Resource Development

Level: Level 5

Lo 2 Be able to plan and design training and development
2.1 Compare the training needs for staff at different levels
2.2 Assess the advantage and disadvantage of training methods
2.3 Use a systematic approach to plan training and development for a training event

LO 3 Be able to evaluate a training event
3.1 Prepare an evaluation using suitable techniques
3.2 Carry out an evaluation for a training event
3.3 Review the success of evalutaion method used

LO 4 Understand the government led skills developing initiatives
4.1 Explain the role of governmnet in training and lifelong learning
4.2 Explain how the development of competency movement has affected the public and private sectors
4.3 Assess how temperory initiatives introduced by uk government contribute to hrd

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Unit 23 Human Resource Development delves into the heart of employee training and development, encompassing learning styles, training needs analysis, and training program design. It equips you with the knowledge and skills to effectively assess and plan training initiatives that align with organizational goals and individual employee needs.

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