Unit 2 Managing Financial Resources - Level 5

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Unit 2 Managing Financial Resources

Level 5


The current assignment focuses on the funding requirements of a business or an organizations behavior. The funding need of an organization is a function of various variables. The organization needs to evaluate each and every one these variables very carefully in order to choose the right mix if funds as the same can have adverse effect on the performance and the stability of the organization.

Task 1A

Equity Share

Advantages of Equity Share

Disadvantages of Equity share

Task 1B

1.1 The above information contains information from both the Income Statement of the company and the statement of the financial position. Discuss the purpose of these financial statements.

1.2 Analysis of the above information reveals that the company is financed by both debt capital and equity capital. You have been asked by the directors to prepare a short report on the costs of these different sources of finance. You are expected to discuss what factors should be considered by directors when taking decisions regarding the mode of financing.

1.3 Selecting suitable sources of finance as 1.1 is an example of financial planning. Discuss other instances of financial planning and analyse the importance of financial planning to the company.

1.4 The above information contains extracts from both the Income Statement and Statement of Financial position. Discuss how these statements meet the information needs of various stakeholders of the company

1.5 Discuss how different forms of financing affects the format of the financial statements

1.6 Calculate the following ratios and comment on the performance of the business over the two years

Calculation of Return on Capital Employed (ROCE)

Calculation of Gross Profit Ratio

Calculation of Stock Turnover Ratio (STR)

Debtors Collection Period ( Debtors Days)

Average Collection Period

Creditors Payment Period

Credit Purchase

Task 2A

Statement of cash flow shows

Task 2B:

Project A and Project B Analysis

Task 2C

Calculation of Total Cost of Producing 40000 puppets

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