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Word Count: 2000 words (excluding bibliography, footnotes, and image captions)

This assessment will take the form of an essay which seeks to practically apply the knowledge learned thorough the course to analyse a genre game of your creation. This is both a creative and analytical exercise. Some topics you should consider are:

1. How is the game played? What platform is it for?

2. What aesthetic aspects of the game make it fit a particular genre? What about the game's art and assets?

3. What about the game's setting and world design make it fit within a certain genre?

4. What narrative aspects of the game make it fit within a certain genre?

5. What gameplay elements or mechanics of the make it fit into a certain genre? Is this genre a thematic genre or game genre?

6. Does the proposed game cross genre boundaries? Does it draw from multiple genres? Does it challenge the genres we studied? How so?

7. From a generic perspective, how is the game interesting? Would you include this in the marketing and promotion of your game?

Do include references to other games within the relevant genre/s to strengthen your argument and demonstrate your understanding of genres more broadly.

The essay should be a maximum of 2,000 words (excluding bibliography). The essay must make effective use of a minimum of 5 academic sources. All referencing should be done in Harvard style both in-text and in the bibliography.

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