How personal selling supports the promotion mix

Unit 20 Sales Planning and Operations Assignment Help - Unit 20 Sales Planning and Operations - Level 5 Diploma in Business
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Program: Diploma in Business

Unit Name: Unit 20 Sales Planning and Operations

Level: Level 5

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Question 1: Explain how personal selling supports the promotion mix
Question 2: Compare buyer behaviour and the decision making process in different situations.
Question 3: Analyse the role of sales teams within the marketing strategy

Task 3
Question 1 explain how sales strategies are developed in line with corporate objectives
Question 2 explain the importance of recruitment and selection procedures
Question 3 evaluate the role of motivation, remuneration and training in sales management
Question 4 explain how sales management organise sales activity and control sales output
Question 5 explain the use of databases in effective sales management

Task 4
Question 1 develop a sales plan for a product or service
Question 2 investigate opportunities for selling internationally
Question 3 investigate opportunities for using exhibitions or trade fairs

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