Strategic planning process for an organisation

Unit 19 Marketing Planning Assignment Help - Unit 19 Marketing Planning, level 5 BTEC HND in Business
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Program: BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business

Unit Name: Unit 19 Marketing Planning

Level: level 5

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Task 1

Question 1.3 What are the main techniques for the organisational auditing that you would use and for analysing external factors that affect marketing planning in your organisation?

Question 1.4 Carry out organisational auditing and analysis of external factors that affect marketing planning in the given situation to your organisation?

Task 3 Prepare a Report to Senior Manager

Question 3.1 Marketing Plan

Question 3.2 Explain to senior management why marketing planning is essential in the strategic planning process for an organisation.

Question 3.3 Explain to senior management what the need for new product development is and examine techniques for new product development.

Question 3.4 Justify recommendations to senior management for their approval for the pricing policy, distribution and communication mix that you have suggested in the marketing planning.

Question 3.5 What are the factors that can affect the implementation of the marketing plan and how have these been taken into account?

Task 4
Essay planning for a marketing of the products of organisation

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