Unit 3 Organisations and Behaviour - level 5

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Diploma in Business - Unit 3 Organisations and Behaviour - level 5

Task 1: Understanding the relationship between organisational structure and culture

1.1- Comparing and contrasting the organisation structure and culture of ASDA PLC to that of British airlines.

Task 2: Understand different approaches to management and leadership

2.1- Compare the effectiveness of the leadership styles used by the CEO in ASDA to that used by British airways CEO.

2.2- Identify any organizational theory practiced at ASDA and Explain how Organizational theory underpins the practice of management

2.3- Evaluating the different approaches to management used by ASDA to that used by British Airways

Task 3: Understanding the ways of using motivational theories in organisations

3.1- What types of changes could ASDA engage in? Discuss the impact that different leadership styles may have on motivation of ASDA's staff in periods of changes

3.2- Compare the application of different motivational theories. Which theory is most applicable and why?

3.3- Evaluate the usefulness of a motivational theory for managers. How could a theory like Hertzberg's motivation theory be useful and relevant to the managers of ASDA?

Task 4: Understanding the mechanisms for effective team work development in organisations

4.1- Explain the nature of the various groups that may exist among ASDA's staff and how they may influence the group behaviour.

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