Unit 23 Law for Licensed Premises - Level 5

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Unit 23 Law for Licensed Premises

Level 5


LO1 Understand the effects of licensing premises.

1.1 Discuss the different types of licensed premises.

1.2 Discuss the differences between personal licence and premises license.

1.3 Compare the procedures for license applications.

1.4 Assess guidelines on the conduct of licensed premises for use by staff.


LO2 Understand the processes that can effectively protect your guests and staff.

2.1 Assess the consequence of providing consumers with misleading information.

2.2 Evaluate the extent of employer liability in the protection of consumers.

2.3 Plan and justify a policy for ensuring that all aspects of weights and measures legislation are implemented.


LO3 Understand the implications of health, safety and hygiene legislation.

3.1 Discuss the key components of a range of regulations.

3.2 Discuss the duties and responsibilities associated with the management of licensed premises.

3.3 Carry out a detailed risk assessment for one type of licensed premises.

3.4 Evaluate the impact of food safety and hygiene legislation.


LO4 Understand the legislative responsibilities of employers in relation to staff.

4.1 Justify the responsibilities of employers in the employment of staff.

4.2 Discuss the key aspects of discrimination legislation.

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