Unit 3 Health and Safety in HSC Workplace

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Unit 3 Health and Safety in HSC Workplace

Task 1

AC1.1 In Health and Social care organizations: review systems, policies & procedures used in communicating & maintain the Health & safety at work in accordance to legislative requirements.

Task 2

AC1.3 2.2 Analyse the health & safety priorities that are important to Mr. W's health and wellbeing. In relation, analyse the impact of one aspect on health & safety policy on Mr. W and health & safety practice.

AC1.2 Draw your organizational chart using this as a guide; assess the responsibilities in a specific health & social care workplace for management of health & safety in relation to organizational structures.

AC2.1 Produce a risk assessment based on your work and analyse how information from these is used in identifying service user's needs & organizational decision-making.

Task 3

AC2.3 Discuss how you would address this situation (i.e. the dilemma). In tine with implementing systems and policies for health & safety issues and evaluate your on contribution to promote Health & safety of service user.

AC2.4 Give examples of non-compliances around Health Sr safety policies in the Home & analyse the effect in health & safety workplace.

AC3.1 3.2 Give examples of two Health & safety Policies, analyse their effectiveness in promoting.

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