Unit 33 Data Analysis and Design

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Unit 33 Data Analysis and Design

Task 1:

1.1-Critically compare different data models and schemas.

1.2- Compare database systems with file based systems and also discuss the benefits and limitations of different database technologies with reference to above scenario

1.3- Analyze different approaches to database design.

Task 2:

2.1 - Discuss the principles of normalization and steps followed to achieve normal forms

2.2 – ER Diagram for English Premier League with all entity sets, attributes and relationships and cardinality constraints

2.3 –Relational Data Model

2.4 – Create tables using SQL (DDL) commands

2.5 – Screenshots from SQL Server Management Studio (IDE)

Task 3:

3.1 - Benefits of using manipulation and query tools in a relational database system

3.2 – Populate tables with some data and answer queries

3.3 - Critically evaluate the validity of the data extracted using the above queries and comment on the design process followed to ensure that meaningful data is extracted through the use of query tools.

Task 4:

4.1 - Critically review and test the relational database system designed for the given scenario and thus provide a documentation supporting implementation and testing of the relational database system developed.

4.2 - Create brief user documentation for the relational database system developed.

4.3 - By giving a tabular V&V document, explain how verification and validation has been addressed.

4.4 - Explain control mechanisms and show how these techniques have been used in developing your system.

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