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Program: Diploma in Business

Unit Name: Unit 2 Managing Financial Resources and Decisions

Level: Level 5

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Task 1
Question 1: Identify different sources of finance available to Green Supplies Ltd. This should include raising funds through a combination of internal and external sources of finance. You are required to select at least 5 sources of finance.
Question 2: Assess the implications of different sources of finance and what are the legal, financial and dilution of control implications (percentage ownerships) and risks of bankruptcy.
Question 3: Evaluate appropriate sources of finance for your business:
Question 4: Analyse the costs of your chosen sources of finance for Green Supplies Ltd. Provide a brief explanation of how they would be shown in the Income Statement and in the Balance sheet.

Task 2
Question 1: Explain the importance of financial planning and discuss why it is important to the success of Green Supplies Ltd. Question 2: Assess different information need of each decision makers of an organisation. Identify and assess the information that is needed for a range of decision makers.
Question 3: Explain the impact of loan and equity finances or investment on the balance sheet and income statement.

Task 3
Question 1: Prepare the Cash Budget for four months ending September 2015.
Question 2:3b (i) calculate the selling price per unit with 30% mark up on cost and calculate profits on 550 units sold.
Question 3: 3b (ii) Calculate the selling price per unit after 550 units sold with 25% mark up and the profit on additional 1500 units sold.
Question 4: Assess the viability of each project using the following investment appraisal techniques and briefly explain which project you would recommend and why?

Task 4
Question 1: Explain the main financial statements produced by a business.
Question 2: Compare appropriate formats of financial statements (Income statement and balance sheet) for a Sole Trader and a Public Limited Company.
Question 3: Interpret financial statements using appropriate financial ratios and compare the following ratios for the wholesale and retail businesses:

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