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Program: Diploma in Business

Unit Name: Unit 2 Managing Financial Resources and Decisions

Level: Level 5

Task 1
(a) Identify different sources of finance available to Green Supplies Ltd. This should include raising funds through a combination of internal and external sources of finance. You are required to select at least 5 sources of finance. (Covers AC1.1)
(b) Assess the implications of different sources of finance and what are the legal, financial and dilution of control implications (percentage ownerships) and risks of bankruptcy. (Covers AC1.2)
(c) Evaluate appropriate sources of finance for your business: (Choose 3 sources) (Covers AC1.3)
(d) Analyse the costs of your chosen sources of finance for Green Supplies Ltd. Provide a brief explanation of how they would be shown in the Income Statement and in the Balance sheet. (Covers AC2.1)

Task 2
(a) Explain the importance of financial planning and discuss why it is important to the success of Green Supplies Ltd. (Covers AC2.2)
(b) Assess different information need of each decision makers of an organisation. Identify and assess the information that is needed for a range of decision makers. (Covers AC2.3)
(c) Explain the impact of loan and equity finances or investment on the balance sheet and income statement. (Covers AC2.4)

Task 3
(a) Prepare the Cash Budget for four months ending September 2015. (Covers AC3.1)
3b (i) calculate the selling price per unit with 30% mark up on cost and calculate profits on 550 units sold. (Covers AC3.2)
3b (ii) Calculate the selling price per unit after 550 units sold with 25% mark up and the profit on additional 1500 units sold. (Covers AC3.2)
(c) Assess the viability of each project using the following investment appraisal techniques and briefly explain which project you would recommend and why? (Covers AC3.3)

Task 4
(a) Explain the main financial statements produced by a business. (Covers AC4.1)
(b) Compare appropriate formats of financial statements (Income statement and balance sheet) for a Sole Trader and a Public Limited Company. (Covers AC4.2)
(c) Interpret financial statements using appropriate financial ratios and compare the following ratios for the wholesale and retail businesses:

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